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January 7, 2022 What happens when you start storytelling your womb?

Storytelling is a conscious positive communication that we can establish with our womb as it is said”A baby is something you carry inside for nine months, In your arms for three years and your heart for rest of your life… why not make this lifelong bond the long-lasting one.

My journey

When I was pregnant with my second baby I was already reading stories to my elder one, during the end of the second semester the nights used to be very uncomfortable but  I noticed that when I was reading I felt calm and relaxed inside too, that was the time I started digging into benefits of reading stories to an unborn.

Regular reading helped to connect my elder one more to the one inside.

When finally our little one came to the real world, we noticed that she understood the sleep cycle naturally, she used to connect with my voice and my elder one’s voice too. Whenever our little one used to be uncomfortable my elder one used to say stories or rhymes and the baby used to react beautifully.

As our baby started growing we noticed a very special bond with the books we used to read, she was far more expressive than the children of her age. I never had to struggle to make her read it came naturally.

How stories help the womb?

  • Stories help to stimulate baby’s senses and improve brain development.
  • Develops a strong bond with parents and elder siblings.
  • Can calm and relax the anxious womb.
  • Science shows that reading to the baby in the womb helps to develop early language learning.
  • Being constantly aware of parents and siblings voice helps the baby to develop trust.

What are the useful tips to story tell a womb?

  • Read before sleeping this will calm the womb and help to understand the sleep cycle.
  •  Read stories from  books or you can pick some kids authors like eric carle, Dr. Seuss.
  • Audio stories are a great help, you can  listen to audios and connect to your womb, Droomplanet app is a great help in this as it is a free story app.

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