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Storytelling Program

We offer a unique, fun-filled storytelling program that engages and inspires kids through stories. It is a medium where learning happens through the magic of stories. The duration of the program is twelve months. The sessions are conducted once a week under the guidance of our expert instructors.

Age Group: 2 Years+

Program Duration: 12 Months

Class: Twice a Week

What will Kids Learn?

Live Classes

The classes are conducted live on Zoom.


Creative Worksheets

Every session includes Creative Worksheets for classwork and homework.


DroomPlanet App Subscription

500+ stories from certified storytellers.

Be A Storyteller

Exclusive Video Stories



Every child will receive a certificate from DroomPlanet upon completion of each level.


Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Across each batch is 4:1. This facilitates personal attention for better results.

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6 Monthly


12 Months – Complete Course


Child Teacher Ratio


Happy Children


Parents Network


Teachers Trained


Original Stories

Know The Instructors

Nidhi Singh

Storyteller & Reading Expert
A clinical psychologist by degree and a passionate storyteller. I'm from Jaipur, where folklore and tales have been passed down orally for generations. My life has been driven by listening to and sharing these tales. Being around children makes me happy.

Sanika Singh

Puppeteer & Storyteller
A puppeteer at DroomPlanet. Creating new things is my passion. I use my puppets to encourage reading awareness among children and to excite them when they see the characters from the books come to life. Over the years, I have performed numerous puppet shows across the country.

Sarika Salil

Storyteller & Reading Expert
Postgrad in English literature from DU. I've travelled the length and breadth of the country. The experience gave me the opportunity to interact with children from different states. I started as a storyteller and became a reading and speaking coach. As a voiceover artist, I also love creating original content.

Harsha Soni

Creative Director & Master Storyteller
A mother of two creative girls. As a parent, I realized that stories could change how children think. That made me even more passionate about storytelling. In addition to over 200 online and offline story events, I have designed concepts for several picture books and narrated numerous audio stories.

Storytelling Program Certification

Parents Reviews

“Yuhaan enjoys the sessions and sits for it independently. I am happy & satisfied.”
- Diti Vasvani
“I see much change in Vaanya. She looks forward to her next class.”
- Priya Chouhan
“My child is happy, and she enjoys the class”.
- Shreemaya Bansal
“I am happy with the progress of Aaryahi.”
- Bhawna Nangia

Frequently Asked Questions

At DroomPlanet, we aim to arm children with skills. Skill is the ability to use knowledge effectively and readily in execution. Learning is a gradual and progressive process that cannot be grasped in one session. We do offer a FREE assessment for every child.

You only need to be there for the first few lessons to ensure your child knows their way around and what to do. After that, it’s optional, as we are on a mission to raise independent readers.

We expose children to a wide variety of activities that are designed to meet their needs. The learning objectives of the program/session are to keep kids entertained and engaged simultaneously. In addition to giving more information and refining their skills, the activities help students gain a deeper and broader understanding of the concepts. All the activities designed are program/session specific.

Global exposure: develops a broader worldview that promotes diverse thinking, better communication (across languages and cultures), and develops interpersonal skills. Reducing nervousness/separation anxiety – for students as they can take sessions at their own pace. Educational experts have noted that kids, especially those suffering from speech anxiety, tend to be more open and outspoken in online classes. Furthermore, this is because they feel less intimidated. Students get personalized attention: this boosts their confidence and performance, enhancing their problem-solving and communication skills. Global teacher exposure online mode subject matter expertise from across India gives children the best professional guidance. Online, we reach diverse learners (a few with special needs). This reduces stress and saves time; since classes can be taken online, students can learn better as they are at home, and commuting time can be better utilized for studying.

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