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Rattu Tota

“Rattu Tota” Once upon a time there lived a Pandit in the forest. A flock of many parrots used to come near his ashram and make noise every day. One day the Pandit thought why not do good to these parrots by teaching them some work. He calls those parrots and starts teaching them, “The hunter comes and spreads the net, we should not fall into the trap”, he repeats this thing again and again every day. And all the parrots also start talking. After some time a hunter comes in the forest, spreads the net and puts grains of grain in it, after a while there comes the same flock of parrots, which the sage had taught. Those parrots come and start eating grains and after eating they go on saying that “hunter comes and spreads the net, we should not settle in the net”. What happened next, listen to the full story..