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The Second Voyage of Sindbad

“The Second Voyage of Sindbad” Adventures of Sindbad continue over to his second voyage and his encounter with giant Roc birds and huge serpents on a deadly island. After getting rich from the first voyage, Sindbad stays home for some time but then he got bored and decided to go on the second voyage. On this journey, as he got down in between from the ship at an island to see the place, he fell asleep. While Sindbad was still sleeping, the ship and other fellow members left and he was left alone on the island. Sindbad quickly climbed up on a tree to look for the ship; he looked here and there but couldn’t find his ship. He thought, “Oh! It seems that they’ve left me on the island. How will I get back home now?” What happened next, listen to the full story..


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