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The Queen & The Deer

“The Queen & The Deer” Story of a greedy queen who want to eat something new everytime. Once upon a time, there was a queen of a small place in Rajasthan. The queen was very fond of eating. While sleeping, she only dreamt about food like jalebi, gulab jamun, dal bati churma; what not! She always wanted to taste new variety of food. Sometimes, even the cook used to get tired of cooking as she used to eat a lot. She used to eat that much at a time that a bowl or a plate was not enough. Her food used to come in a bucket. One fine morning, the maid came to call the Rani Sa – The Queen. Rani sa went up to the dining table. There was a large variety of food there but Rani sa said, “What is this? Everyday you all serve me some kind of food. Get me something new.” What happened next, listen to the full story..


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