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The Mouse that ate Iron

“The Mouse that ate Iron” A story from Panchtantra about how a lie never goes undetected. Once, there was a rich merchant called Nandu. Time passed and his business turned for the worst. Soon it was so bad that he lost all his money. He decided to leave the city. He was only left with one iron beam. Leaving his town, Nandu wanted to meet his good friend Bhondu. He requested him to keep the beam with him till he returns. Nandu traveled far for many years and worked very hard. He soon became rich again, returned to his town, bought a new house, and opened a very large shop. One day, Nandu went to meet his friend Bhondu. Nandu asked Bhondu to return his beam. Bhondu had no intentions of returning it as he knew when sold, it would fetch him a good price. What happened next, listen to the full story..


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