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The Frog and the Ox

“The Frog and the Ox” One day in a pond came a little frog hopping towards the big frog. The big frog has a smile on his face and eyes were fill with excitement. Looking at the little frog the big frog asked “What is the matter little one? Why do you look so excited today?”. To which the little frog replied “Hey father, I have seen the biggest frog in the world today. Today when I was hopping through the farm, I saw a huge frog” The frog was enormous.” “Shh.. relax you child, just relax” said the father frog “You haven’t really seen a frog, you have seen the farmers ox”. But the big frog was not willing to accept that the ox was greater than him. So, he said “But I don’t think that the ox is any bigger than me! He could be a little taller than me but I can easily make myself as big as the ox”. What happened next, listen to the full story..


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