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The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad

“The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad” Adventure of fourth voyange in which Sindbad was almost killed. Listen to the story of how he escaped the cannibals. One day when Sindbad the sailor was sailing with other merchants, the ship got stuck in a storm. The storm was so powerful that it turned their ship upside down and everybody was screaming, “Help! Help! Help! Help!”. The sailors held onto whatever they could and floated to save their lives. They came to the island and reached a house with the fire burning. The people of the house seemed nice as they offered them food to eat but by the evening, they moved them into a barn-like place. It’s a place in the farm where grains are stored. They were there for many days and ate whatever those people gave to them. They were treated like animals and even worse. What happened next, listen to the full story..


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