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The First Voyage of Sindbad

“The First Voyage of Sindbad” Adventurous voyage of Sindbad the Sailor to the Whale island. Long time ago, in a city of Bagdad lived a poor porter. His name was Sindbad and he was very hard working but still very poor. One hot dusty day as Sindbad sat exhausted outside the gate of a wealthy merchant’s house, he felt a nice breeze on his face which relaxed him. Suddenly, the gate of rich man’s house opened wide and Sindbad – porter peeked inside. He noticed a huge garden with nice, beautiful flowers blooming, and there came the smell of yummy food. Sindbad – the porter said, “Hey Allah! Why are you so unfair? Why some people are so poor like me and some are so rich like them?” That’s when the rich merchant came from behind. What happened next, listen to the full story..


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