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Shersingh & Monster

“Shersingh & Monster”, Story of shersingh who manages to defeat a desert monster using his grany’s advise. This is a story about people of a small village in Jaisalmer who used to cross dessert every day for work as the main city was on the other side of the desert. If anyone had some work, they used to cross dunes of the desert. Initially, everything was fine but gradually people started complaining about a shape-changing monster. The monster in dunes used to take eatables from the people crossing from dunes. He used to change shape. Sometimes he’s a triangle, sometimes he’s square, sometimes he’s a circle; he even used to get dressed up in different costumes like a boy or a girl at times.
People were very annoyed and confused there but nobody knew what to do? In that small village, there’s a guy named Shersingh. He was a very brave boy. So, everyone in the village approached Shersingh to seek his help. What happened next, listen to the full story..


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