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Lazy Donkey

“Lazy Donkey” When laziness makes you find shortcuts at work you surely endup in bigger troubles. Here is the story of one such lazy donkey. Once, in an Indian village, lived a salt merchant named Bhola. Bhola owned a donkey named Kandiya. Every day Bhola used to put bags of salt on Kandiya’s back and took him to the market to sell the salt. Though Kandiya was a very lazy donkey and always avoided work but Bhola was still a very kind master and never scolded Kandiya. On their way to market, Bhola and Kandiya had to cross a river and walk for a few kilometers before they could reach the market. One day when Bhola and Kandiya were crossing the river, Kandiya slipped into the river and fell. What happened next, listen to the full story..


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