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Frog in the Well

“Frog in the Well” Once there was a big black frog which lived in a small well. It stayed a little away from the sea. It was born there and had never been anywhere out of the well to see the world. It had started believing that it was intelligent frog in the world and it always used to sing” I’m the most intelligent frog you see”. Being the only frog in the well it had grown fat eating all the insects in there. It was leading a very happy life. One day a frog from the sea lost its way and came towards this well. By chance, a frog gfrom the sea fell into the well. The frog in the well was sleeping but hearing the slash sound it woke up and was shocked to see this new creature. “O god! Who is this stranger? Who has come into my well? What happened next, listen to the full story..


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