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Dosas for Monster

“Dosas for Monster” Once upon a time there lived a poor couple. Everyday they begged for food and managed their food asking from people. The husband’s favourite dish was dosa. I long for a nice crispy dosa. He would constantly say this Aiyo..yummy crispy dosa. One day he got lucky a kind lady gave him some dosa batter but there was no firewood to cook it on. “Aiyo… I will fetch some right away because I want hot -hot, yummy-yummy, crispy dosa” he said and left to the forest. When he reached the forest. He found a tree and climbed it and started to cut a branch with his axe. The man worked dreamy of delicious dosa. The poor man suddenly heard a loud roar. To his horror he saw a fierce monster thundering towards him, “I am the lord of this jungle. And you did not even ask me”. What happened next, listen to the full story..


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