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Donkey’s Ears

“Donkey’s Ears” King Midas was cursed with donkey ears by God Apollo. Nobody knew this secret until it got revealed in a funny way. King Midas decided to live a simple life in the mountains and there, he met the God Pam. Pam played music from his flute and king Midas really liked his music. One day Pam challenged God Apollo – the God of music and art to a musical contest. The two agreed on a contest with king Midas as one of the two judges. After the performance, the other judge chose Apollo as the winner but king Midas preferred Pam’s tune. The furious Greek God Apollo said to Midas, “I see the problem and it’s your ears. They’re too small to hear properly. Let me fix that for you.” And with this, he tapped the king’s ears. Suddenly, the king’s ear sprang out and out and turned into large furry ears of a donkey, as a sign of foolishness. What happened next, listen to the full story..


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