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Bhola & Munim ji

“Bhola & Munim ji” Story of a rajasthani buisnessman of how he teaches his servant a good lesson. Once upon a time, there was a rich Marwari businessman of Rajasthan. He had a servant and one Munim Ji means manager. The servant was for household work and Munim Ji was for office work.
His servant’s name was Bhola and he used to think, “I get up early morning and work all day till night but I get only 10 rupees and this Munim, only comes for four hours, sit all day and just write something on paper and do nothing still get 300 rupees per month. This is not fair!” One day after thinking a lot, he went to his master Seth Ji and said, “Seth Ji, Seth Ji, Munim Ji comes for four hours and does nothing and still you give him 300 rupees per month. I think you’re wasting your money on a useless person. Why do you give him 300 rupees for nothing?” What happened next, listen to the full story..


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