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Ambili -The Baby Elephant

By - Dr. Chhavi

“Ambili – The Baby Elephant”, is a story of a Baby Elephant who was initially afraid of rain. In a forest in Kerala, one morning, a cow elephant i.e. a female elephant gave birth to a baby. The baby had a small trunk and the head as round as the moon. So, her mother named her Ambili which in Malayalam means like the moon. On the fourth day, the sky suddenly grew dark in fat clouds, then something wet, cold, and sharp fell on Ambili’s head. Tapp…Tapp.. The elephants trumpeted happily but Ambili ran fearfully under her mother’s stomach and wondered what that was. But dealing with fears can at times become very easy if someone can just change our prespective a bit. Litsen to the full story and know how she overcomes her fear.


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