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Sonali Mathur

I am Sonali, born and brought up in Jaipur & currently staying in Noida. I am postgraduate in commerce and B.ED & working as an Educator with 13 years of experience. I love reading books, watching good shows on TV, listening to podcasts and spending a good time with my teenage son where we discuss books, movies and our experiences and beliefs. I was always a secret admirer of TICKLING TALES. And I believe if you sincerely wish for something, it gets true, same happened to me. Landing to ticking tales was never a coincidence but a dream come true. I believe that stories create magic, and Tickling tales is the magical Land. Reading and sharing stories is not only a great way to spend quality time with your children, but it enhances their vocabulary, confidence, academic skills, and it empowers their creativity, thinking skills and curiosity to learn more.

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