About Us

About Us

Vikram Singh / Co-founder

He is an artistic mind with a passion to produce only the best. He is a young Director, Writer & music composer whose inclination towards books comes from his father who was a renowned poet and writer. Adding to it is his love for working with children that made him diversify into publishing good quality content for them. He believes that to bring a change in the society we must bring a change in the way we raise our children. For him Droomplanet is a platform which is positively influencing young minds through good content. The stories written are presented into beautiful picture books under his guidance.

Dr. Shweta /Co-founder

B.D.S She is a creative mind with a zeal to bring in a change. She is a kids’ Author, Storyteller and Trainer. A dentist by qualification who is working towards bringing a Reading Revolution. She has been working with young children for 8 years and helping them improve in their reading levels through her educational yet interesting stories along with voice overs for their audio stories. She has also been training school teachers on “Effective Storytelling in Classroom” and doing extensive parenting sessions on “How to Raise Readers”. She believes that a child who loves reading can understand and comprehend better and outshine even in academics. But to compete in digital age the books need to be interesting enough for children to pick and enjoy.


Sanika Singh
(Puppeteer / Event Planner / Proud Mom)
For her tickling tales is a place where Children are free to imagine. It helps children Learn new things  while being entertained.

Ekta Jaggi
(Reading Expert / Happy Mom)
For her Tickling Tales is a place where reading is fun and stress free. Here we build a stronger bond with books. Through reading we make kids smart and enhance their academic performance as well.

Archana Singh
(Mentor / Counselor / Mom’s Mom)
For her Tickling tales creates a perfect ambiance where children love to be. And storytelling enhances their vocabulary, narration, creative thinking, listening skills and also entertains them while being away from gadgets.

Harsha Soni
(Content Developer / Storyteller / A doting Mom)
For her tickling tales is life as it takes her back to her Childhood days and gives wings to her creative  thoughts.

Chandrakala Verma
(Audio Stories’ Producer / Mentor / Content Developer / Experienced Mom)
For her Tickling Tales is that land where the seed of reading culture, life skills and knowledge is sown among children through stories so that they grow to become good human beings.