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DroomPlanet is a Dream Planet for Generation Alpha Kids. DroomPlanet is a global platform that gets children hooked onto stories and then onto books. The mission of DroomPlanet is to enable children to unleash their potential & raise them as superior human beings.

Our Unique, Well Researched & Qualified Curriculum (Online Classes, Books with Audio Stories) is based on the LSRW pattern, which evolves children as Attentive Listeners, Confident Speakers, Voracious Readers, Creative Writers & above all, Imaginative Thinkers. We create an ecosystem for children that enables their holistic development and raises them a aware and conscious individuals.



The mission of DroomPlanet is to enable children to unleash their potential & raise them as superior human beings.

We raise children driven by thoughts and imagination by intelligently integrating the technology use without getting them blindly addicted to it.


Original & Unique Curated Content 

Young & Talented Mompreneurs

World-class Audio Stories

Organic & Evolved Students & Parents Eco System

Ability to create bandwagon Effect 

Teacher & Trainers as Real-Life Hero’s

Experiential Learning & Engagement 

Technology driven platform with personal touch of instructor to keep children actively engaged and making it result oriented.



Children no longer enjoy the company of books. They find them slow and tedious to begin with, and later the bond never develops. Also, 

with a busy schedule of parents, it gets difficult to read books or stories to children. And many parents are also unaware of which books or stories to pick for their children. Such children have poor reading levels and, as a result, can never perform to their potential in academics and life



DroomPlanet is a Unique creative learning platform where Stories drive education with Entertainment & Engagement. We have pioneered developing an exciting educational curriculum through stories based on LSRW pattern. Our Story App has a unique concept of weaving stories with music-based audios. Through the same, we also solve essential concerns of every parent - Developing their child’s Listening, Speaking and Reading skills and making them lifelong readers and curious learners while enhancing their imagination and passing morals and values.